Influenza Research in 2007-2008 continued

2008 Flu Questionnaire


Below is a questionnaire for the homeopathic indications that fit the 2007-2008 Phosphorus genus epidemicus.  It is included here as an example of the type of questions and scoring that will be used by the study coordinator to determine if patients presenting with ILI fit the picture of the selected remedy.  It will not be used as presented below in any other influenza season which may require a different genus epidemicus with different distinguishing characteristics.  It does not include the generic flu symptoms which qualify patients as being diagnosable with the flu (those are separately determined), but only the specific symptom characteristics that define that particular genus epidemicus and, consequently, the patients’ fit with the remedy.  Its only purpose was to isolate the Phosphorus patient during that particular epidemic, and may not accurately identify Phosphorous patients in a future, distinct epidemic, who may present with different characteristic symptoms of that remedy.  This is not a checklist of Phosphorus materia medica, but rather a compilation of the most characteristic symptoms of patients in that year’s flu.  



Phosphorous 2008 CPG



















There are a total number of 38 points. For the prescription to be made and for the patient to have reached the threshold of inclusion for treatment with Phosphorus for the 2007-2008 season’s flu, on this scale with these questions, patients would have had to score a minimum of 24 points.