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Recent Seasonal Influenza and Swine Flu Research

This section of the webpage lays out the recent context of Herscu Laboratory's influenza work, with summaries of design and findings for some of our recent pilot studies, as well as the literature research we have completed. These represent important background for the other tools and resources on this website, so please browse through them. These research areas also represent the foundation we hope to build upon with larger trials and other projects, for which we are in need of funding. Please see our Funding page for a general listing of our upcoming projects and resource needs.


Introductory Letter by Paul Herscu, founder

Many of you know me. You know I have been concerned about Influenza epidemics since 1991,Audemars Piguet Replica and have tried to gather resources to support what in my mind, is both inevitable but also very manageable. That said, I have very clear nightmares revolving around this very topic. Both paths are before us; in one I can easily imagine hundreds of millions of people dying, in the other I see the potential capability to mitigate that loss substantially.??In either case, we hold part of the important responsibility to act and offer what help we can.


Over the years, I have thought long and hard on the actual reality of what will happen, of how the epidemic will transpire. ??In light of the reality that it would not be possible to have any large number of patients see homeopaths during a pandemic, the conclusion is that we need a methodology which, on the large scale, leaves homeopaths out of the equation.?? The reasons are numerous; there are not enough homeopaths, many homeopaths likewise will be ill, and many homeopaths lack the tools to distinguish among remedies in this situation.?? In other words, my belief is that once the remedy or remedies are carefully chosen by homeopaths, a simple tool should be developed to allow a non-homeopath to identify which patients will benefit from which remedy. ??I have developed these tools in the past, and have worked on the theory behind that development and the implementation process for a long time, but now has become the time to take the next step.?? By way of introduction, I will explain what we have done to this end in 2008.


Sincerely, Paul Herscu ND