Influenza Resources - Past Epidemics, 2001-Present

What follows is a list of Epidemic Updates that were sent out to students of the New England School of Homeopathy and subscribers of the Herscu Letter as part of an ongoing distance learning program written by Dr Paul Herscu.  These updates were based both on clinical cases treated by Dr. Herscu and his comprehensive theory regarding treatment during epidemics that he has been developing since 1991.  They were not based on research conducted during a clinical trial.


We share this information here, because understanding how homeopathy has been used during past epidemics will also help us to make better choices of how to use it during future epidemics.


January 2008:

    2007-2008 Influenza Epidemic


March – April 2007:

    Dog Food Recall Update


February 2007:

    Current Epidemic Update


October 2006:

    Excerpt from HL #112-113


May 2005:

    Current Epidemic Update


October – December 2004:

    Current Epidemic Update

    Dr. Herscu’s previous work with epidemics

    A look towards the Future


December 2003 – January 2004:

Herscu Letter #70 (See Herscu Letters covering Flu Section)

   Epidemics Revisited:  The 2003-2004 Influenza Epidemic

        Part 1:  Where do we Stand Now? A Brief Overview

                        Influenza Overview

                        Bird Flu

                        Current Flu

        Part 2:  Prevention?  A Brief Overview

                        Amy Rothenberg – Naturopathic Flu Prevention and Treatment

                        The Vaccination Question

                        Two Vaccines

                        NY Times reprint - Dec 17, 2003: “Preparing for the Bird Flu”

        Part 3:  Homeopathic Treatment of This Influenza

        Part 4:  Where do we Stand Now?


April 2003:

Herscu Letter #64 (See Herscu Letters covering Flu Section)

   SARS Update in relation to Anthrax Scare of 2001


October – November 2002:

    Current Epidemic:  Excerpt from Herscu Letter #57


October – November 2001:

    Anthrax Scare