Influenza Resources - Journal Articles & Other Media on Flu

Homeopathic Flu Trial Design Review (Pre-Publication Version)

    Paul Herscu, Ryan Kirkby, and Liz Kaltman

    in publication process at the journal Homeopathy, 2009


Influenza Treatment Trial Design Methodology Review (Pre-Publication Version)

    Paul Herscu, Ryan Kirkby, Liz Kaltman, and Janet Monnier

    in publication process at the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2009


Preventing and treating the flu: A natural medicine perspective

    Dr Amy Rothenberg, ND DHANP Rolex Replica Watches

    published in Homeopathy Today a November/December 2004


Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Treatment of the Flu and other Epidemics (1 hour teleconference, in mp3 format. Download is ~9mb, right click to save to disk)

    Teleconference with Paul Herscu, ND DHANP recorded at the end of 2004

    interviewed by Kim Elia

    MP3 provided here courtesy of WholeHealthNow


Never Well Since the Flu

    Dr Amy Rothenberg, ND DHANP

    published in Homeopathy Today a December 2002


The Genus Epidemicus

    Paul Herscu,Rolex Replica ND DHANP

    originally published in Homeopathy Today:  July/August 1991

    excerpted here from Herscu Letter #32 including additional comments