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Special offer to order Letters #33-38 that focus on Epidemics

Dr. Paul Herscu, has been writing the Herscu Letters since 1999.?? The Herscu Letter is a twice monthly, case-based distance learning program focusing on how Cycles and Segments philosophy informs and shapes case taking, case analysis, the use of the repertory, the study of materia medica and the management of long-term follow up in classical homeopathy.


Subscribers start with Herscu Letter #1 and work their way cumulatively through the material.?? Issues are looked at from many angles and from various levels of complexity.


Over the years, starting in 2001 with the Anthrax scare, The New England School of Homeopathy has been making Herscu Letters #33-38 available to folks out of sequence as they address in detail the issues of homeoprophylaxis as well as treating patients during epidemics.


It is very important if you are going to be treating patients homeopathically during an epidemic, to understand that as always, it is vital to treat the individual even where there is a clear genus epidemicus indicated for the current epidemic.


These Letters, along with the specific epidemic updates that Dr. Herscu has written yearly since 2001, provide a clear theoretical model that can help you make appropriate and timely treatment decisions for your patients during an epidemic.


Ordering the Herscu Letters 33-38:

The cost for ordering Herscu Letters #33-38 out of sequence and receiving them via email is $57 Rolex Replica Watches (the same cost as if received as part of the regular Herscu Letter subscription).?? As a bonus you will also receive Herscu Letters #57 (Oct/Nov 2002), #64 (April 2003) and #70 (Dec a€?03a€“Jan a€?04), focusing on epidemics as well, and containing additional information about the genus epidemicus at the time the Letters were written.


We also invite you to become an on-going subscriber to the Herscu Letter at this time.?? If you do subscribe to the Letter, you will be sent Letters #33-38 again at the appropriate time in your subscription but you will not be charged for them.?? You will also receive Letters #57, #64 and #70 again as part of the normal series and will be charged for those Letters as usual at that time.


The goal of the Herscu Letter is to help develop clear thinking about homeopathy by presenting consistent and straightforward philosophical points and modeling how the philosophy plays out through case examples, materia medica and long term follow-up of patients.


To order Letters 33-38 only:


Please email us at, or fax us at:??860-253-5041.?? Be sure to include the following information:


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