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Herscu Laboratory Flu News Archive

November 16, 2009


New Genus Epidemicus tool available


September 26, 2009


Updated Genus Epidemicus and data collection tool now available


September 16, 2009


Upcoming Events in October, 2009: Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg will be speaking in the Pacific Northwest as fundraisers for the statesa€? local naturopathic associations about: a€?Understanding H1N1: Influenza and the Role of Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathya€?


September 15, 2009


Herscu Influenza Update Notifications now on Facebook


May 21, 2009


Swine Flu Update Part 4, by Paul Herscu


May 14, 2009


Requesting current information on flu presentation


May 6, 2009


Swine Flu Update Part 3, by Paul Herscu


May 5, 2009


Added an audio recording from a 2004 teleconference with Paul Herscu speaking on homeopathic prophylaxis and influenza treatment


May 3, 2009


Added a new page summarizing our funding needs, with a brief description of project areas and costs


Added a new page to the Current Research section detailing literary research and writing we have completed on trial design in influenza treatment


We are getting a great response on submission of the request form for the genus epidemicus tool, over 130 emails in the last day and a half


May 1, 2009


Added an interactive tool for identifying Nux vomica genus epidemicus patients in the current Swine Flu


April 28, 2009


Swine Flu Update Part 2


April 24, 2009


Swine Flu Update


April 23, 2009


Updated our research page with data from recent studies, and findings that apply to the current Swine Flu